We bring nature into your interior.

Mopar floors are chosen by people who want their interior to tell a story. As true lovers of wood, we love its elegance, naturalness and irresistible charm. We love the feeling of warmth and comfort it creates…


In Mopar, we strive for excellence in product quality, superior service and environmental protection, while constantly developing new and exceptional designs.


The raw materials used for our products come from responsible sources. Our entire production process is an environmentally friendly cycle, with no harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Let’s preserve our forests for future generations.


We approach each project uniquely to meet your wishes and special attention is paid to the quality of the product. That is why Mopar floors can be found in many interiors around the world.


For over 30 years we have been creating modern wooden flooring and exporting it worldwide. With 200 pairs of hands in this family-owned business, produces premium flooring for your home every day.

Our products

MOPAR flooring come in a wide range of sizes and shapes: peasant floor, herringbone, geometric shapes in a wide variety of surface finishes: varnished, oiled, painted, hand planed, brushed. When combined, they make almost infinite possibilities.



We perpetuated some of our projects with an editorial. Whether it’s celebrity homes or dear to us projects, find out more from the links on the topics themselves…

Nataša Janjić – Adaptation log – Part 2

Nataša Janjić – Adaptation log – Part 2

It has been some time since Nataša Janjić, then still pregnant for the first time, was decorating her apartment. In the first part of the adaptation blog, we brought you a story about the choice of parquet and all the dilemmas and wishes of the apartment owner that...

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