We are taking you to a luxury villa in Šestine in Zagreb, which very successfully combines various styles, flirts with various challenges and represents a sample of Chevron in a role we have not had the opportunity to see before.

It all started with the recommendation of Mr. Radiković who laid our parquet in the mentioned house and advised us to come and see and photoshoot. We decide to visit and organize an interior photoshoot. One of the rainiest days of this autumn awaits us on that day, but not even bad weather prevents us from peeking into this pearl on Šestine and seeing for ourselves the great impressions it has already left.


As we really didn’t know what to expect, apart from the fact that we would find parquet from our Castle collection in the popular color MOPAR Whisper in the house, we enjoyed the element of surprise. Upon entering, we realized that we see a pattern of chevrons in a new attire – combined with various styles and accentuated with a dose of glamor and luxury. A spacious entrance area led us to the living area of the house, which is separated from the entrance by only a few steps. Quite enough to give the impression of the most beautiful part of the house from a small height when entering.

The living room is adorned with an endless view of the nature that surrounds the house, with a wealth of greenery, emphasizing its beautiful position. The living room is connected to the dining room and kitchen which, although are part of the same room, form separate units because they are cleverly designed and visually separated. The lighting in the space is carefully designed and emphasizes the impression of luxury, and it is good for us to hide the dark shadows that the bad weather has brought us.


In the space we notice that light tones of beige and gray prevail, bright and crystal lighting in balance with the matte surfaces of the beautiful and practical kitchen. The space combines materials of different textures, and the dominance of the space is taken over by the main wall in the living room, which comfortably accommodates the beautiful Art Deco wallpaper with a vintage style.


Although we have seen a pattern of chevrons in various roles, in industrial interiors, French styles, it is beautiful to see how adaptable the same parquet is in such modern and glamorous interiors.

We saw the same pride and enthusiasm in the eyes of the owner who decorated this house almost entirely by herself, and she feels the same joy during the move-in that is planned for the day after our visit. In the conversation, we learn that she is fully informed about trends and styles and that she has created a space that she and her family will truly enjoy. She then takes us to the basement – which is at ground level at the back of the house, where she has housed a functional and separate apartment for her son.

With a beautiful wooden staircase, we climb to the upper floors of this villa and get acquainted with the sleeping part of the house, which also doesn’t lack with luxury. Upholstered beds in velvet fabric with headboards to the ceiling and carefully planned side lighting, emphasize that attention was paid to absolutely every detail.


Enjoy the images we bring you and once again consider combining different styles, as this may be the winning combination for you as well.


Photo: Sanja Bistričić