In one of Zagreb’s more elite neighborhoods, we visited a family house in Zagreb, which, with its 500 square meters, spans through 4 floors and a garden with an outdoor swimming pool. Contemporary construction has undoubtedly become the ruler of the street and upon arrival, we knew we are going to see something special here.
We meet the owners of this beautiful villa and enter the hallway that leads us downstairs to the dining room and spacious high-ceilinged living room. This part, which is also the main part of the house, caught our attention the most, because in this space is placed our parquet from the Castle Collection. The French style undoubtedly warmed up the place of gathering and family socialising and contributed to the splendour of the living room, but also to the stucco on the light grey walls that, besides the large glass walls, surround these rooms. This fully open space on the ground floor defies prejudice and shows how much open space you get by placing the parquet flooring also in the kitchen.
We talk to the owners about their enthusiasm for our flooring and they tell us how they insisted on the high walls, which are 3.5 meters high in the final project. They admit that the main reason for this is the desire to put up stucco, which, in order to look luxurious, must have the height. This luxury is perfectly complemented by the natural oak chevron floor, which, as the owners say, simply does not go without each other. With such a high ceiling and stucco, the only floor that fits in is the chevron with which the unity of the envelope of space is achieved, but also the desired luxury.
The choice of colors throughout the interior is timeless, a scale that adheres to all shades of gray, which is accentuated with a kitchen island in black and bar stools in the popular cognac color. All these colors are perfectly connected by the color of the floor – the natural oak that made this color palette warmer.

Enjoy in pictures…

Photo: Sanja Bistričić