There is a lot of advice on maintaining and cleaning parquet, but few really know what is allowed and what is forbidden when it comes to lacquered wooden floors.

In order to enjoy your wooden floors for a long time, you need to know that each parquet requires a little attention and adherence to several rules. To solve the mystery and dismiss the wrong tips, we bring you a few basic ways to properly maintain lacquered wood floors.

First of all, every parquet manufacturer knows best and can give you advice on cleaning and maintaining the floors it produces. In addition, he is obliged to issue these instructions to each client, so pay attention to this – the instructions are usually inside the parquet packaging or will be delivered to you when you pick up the goods. In addition, information can often be obtained on the manufacturer’s website or on request.


We will primarily recommend that you use special products intended for cleaning and maintenance of lacquered floors as we offer. Be careful when buying funds in consumer goods stores, because there are big differences in quality and actual performance.

For the first and occasional maintenance, we recommend Wax Care – a coating that “repels” water, and is used immediately after laying the parquet as a protective layer.

You do regular cleaning with a special varnish cleaner – Cleaner Star, and for occasional restoration and removal of damage, we recommend the use of a special varnish freshener – Revivo Lack.


In addition to lacquered wooden surfaces, Cleaner Star is also effective on PVC floors, linoleum, melamine, but also marble. It effectively removes dirt, traces of shoe soles and various stains without leaving streaks on the varnish, and gives the space a truly pleasant smell. Cleaner Star is a neutral detergent with the addition of special nanoparticles that have a long-lasting cleaning effect on the treated surface. The amount of 3 plugs, dissolve in 1 liter of water, then drain a soaked cloth to wipe well and pass over the wooden surfaces in your home. Before each cleaning of varnished parquets, remove larger impurities by vacuuming.
Revivo Lack should be applied to floors once a year or as needed after you have washed the floors with Cleaner Star. Apply it evenly over the entire floor surface using a microfiber cloth. For major damage, you can apply a second coat after the first has dried well.

In case of more aggressive dirt and damage, consult our sales representatives.


Varnished parquet can be cleaned with water – BUT the cloth you use must be well drained or only slightly damp to the touch. For the maintenance of parquet, it is very important that you never use very damp cloths, large amounts of water and especially that water does not remain on the surface of the parquet. Namely, it can cause micro-cracks on the varnish layer, and in contact with the wood itself, it can also cause ugly stains (usually gray to black) that cannot be removed. Standing water on the parquet greatly accelerates this process and irreversibly damages the parquet.

Special mention should be made here of steam cleaning, ie steam cleaners, which is completely wrong and inadmissible. Namely, high temperature (water vapor) and lacquered surfaces do not go together at all. This will damage the varnish layer during the first cleaning, and your parquet will deteriorate rapidly.



When using parquet, you should not forget about the scratches that can occur on it, and most often it is from the legs of chairs and tables and similar furniture. To avoid this, stick felt on the underside of the legs.

Parquet is also worn unevenly, so you can notice damage in places where you walk the most, around tables, and in hallways and entrances to rooms. Therefore, in addition to the entrance, be sure to use a mat so that the parquet does not get wet and exposed to moisture, and under the work chairs special pads intended to protect the parquet.


It is normal for the parquet to lose its shine after a while and for certain damage and scratches to appear on it, but it is good to know that it is possible to renovate them. Leave it to a professional, a parquet worker, who will sand the parquet again and apply the protective varnish again.

Find out all about our specialized parquet cleaning and maintenance products at this LINK or consult our sales representatives.