Last week we had the opportunity to visit a luxury apartment on Sveti Duh in Zagreb. Already when arranging the shooting, we were sensing that this is a truly special apartment from the conversation with owners who are very proud of it. The cordiality and smile of this young married couple await us upon entering, but we look forward to look at the apartment, which already leaves a strong impression on us. At the end of the entrance hall, our view reaches towards the “walk-in” closet, and the photographer Sanja Bistričić and I are already thinking about the angle of the shooting and admiring the overall impression.
The hallway is divided in this place and while one part leads to the sleeping / working part of the apartment, the other leads us to the living room connected to the dining room and surrounded by a glass wall and terrace with one of the most beautiful views of the city we had the opportunity to see. They immediately tell us enthusiastically how they were introduced to the Mopar brand through the architect and admit that they chose the parquet before the apartment itself. They knew exactly what they wanted. Already during the tour of the apartment, we notice that the owners are looking for a modern, simple design and clean lines. The parquet they chose is from the Trend collection and in a lacquered finish in the shade Intuition, gray-brown colour. They are extremely satisfied with the maintenance of this lacquered parquet, indicating its durability and wear resistance.
Pale-gray, simple and comfortable corner sofa has taken a central place in the apartment, and the striking large glass surfaces give the apartment a lot of light. Precisely because it comes from various sources, from the west and the north, creating a perfect play of light in the center of the apartment. Carefully selected pieces of design furniture, a combination of Scandinavian and Dutch style, striking and unique details and decorations, and various works of art, have ennobled this space and given it a special modern expression.


Apartment Sv. Duh Zagreb - hallway
At that moment, we notice the kitchen, connected to the dining room, which, with a roof window and cashmere-colored decor, leaves an impression of beauty and warmth. This is where we notice how the owners followed the trends when it comes to parquets even in the kitchen, thus creating the impression of large areas, open space and stylistic uniqueness.
The real pearl of this apartment is the bedroom with a designer bed, an art reading corner and another panoramic view that extends across the terrace.


Enjoy in photos…


Photo: Sanja Bistričić