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A charming French style pattern that finds elements in symmetry inspired by history, and filled with charm that comes easily to the wish list.

Parquet with salon charm and lavish appearance.


With its clean lines and elegant appeal, it looks like the Chevron style will continue to hold its well-deserved popularity for a long time.


Want to give your interior a French style?

The ‘Chevron’ style will transform your home into an exceptional space with French charm. The result is a comfortable and refined look, perfect for creating a modern home.

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We perpetuated some of our projects with an editorial. Whether it’s celebrity homes or dear to us projects, find out more from the links on the topics themselves …

Nataša Janjić – Adaptation log – Part 2

Nataša Janjić – Adaptation log – Part 2

It has been some time since Nataša Janjić, then still pregnant for the first time, was decorating her apartment. In the first part of the adaptation blog, we brought you a story about the choice of parquet and all the dilemmas and wishes of the apartment owner that...

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