Find out why Nataša Janjić and Andrea Andrassy chose MOPAR floors for their homes…


Despite the development of technology and the new building materials we have available today, there is actually no material that can bring as much warmth and texture to our home as wood! Natural patterns and shades of wood can enliven cool spaces, make them comfortable and attractive, and it is also a beautiful, adaptable and durable element of decoration that you can’t go wrong with. If you follow the current trends, you have certainly noticed that more and more often in the interiors there are walls covered with wood, while wooden floors have never really gone out of fashion, and what trends currently prevail in the world of wooden floors, we reveal below.


Andrea Andrassy choosing Mopar parquet

Trend no. 1: Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes have long inspired the world of interiors, so there is no doubt that such a pattern is in demand in the domain of modern wooden floors. The Shape collection hides an element of trapezoids and rhomboids, the combination of which provides inexhaustible possibilities for stacking patterns.
By combining two trapezoids, you will get a hexagon pattern, and in a combination of hexagons and a few rhomboids – you will get a unique parquet pattern, a decor with which you will truly impress others. When you add the ability to combine different colors, there is no end to the creative game. The decor that you will not go wrong with even if you implement it on the floor, as well as on the wall, has recently really found its popularity both in homes and business premises. In the Mopar showroom in Zagreb that you can arrange a completely individual approach to your story that you want to tell in your interior.

Trend no. 2: Chevron

You will find a chevron pattern in the Castle collection, which delights at first sight, inspired by history and filled with charm. Although it resembles a fishbone at first, the main difference is that the shorter side is at an angle of 45, 52 or 60 degrees and is symmetrically arranged in the shape of the letter “V”. This interesting pattern is proof that it can traditionally fit perfectly into modern interiors.

Trend no. 3: Oil coatings

Another variant of parquet protection that is used today is – oil coating. This option offers a lot of freedom in creating new ways of processing and colors. Today we have completely new generations of oiled parquets in which the oil allows the wood to breathe, and the parquet has its own resistance. Also, the time has passed for parquets to be chosen according to “class”. For some time now, it is desirable that the parquet comes with all its small irregularities and has more pronounced natural characteristics of wood, so it looks natural, not monotonous and completely uniform.
Hardwood flooring in oak
Brushing wooden floors has become most popular with the increasing use of oil as a finish. The oil itself leaves the warmth and texture of the wood to the touch, and brushing expresses that texture even more. It only takes a little courage, listening to your own intuition and faith in your creativity, and the parquet will turn out fantastic in any space.

Trend no. 4: Parquet even in the kitchen

With the modern way of life, kitchens are often associated with the living room or become truly part of that space. Wood tended to be practical in application, easier to maintain and leave the impression of an open space. It so happened that the parquet slowly pushed the ceramics out of the kitchens and hallways, and this was facilitated by the fact that today wood veneers are produced that have a stronger resistance to wear and moisture.


Whichever of the trends you choose when decorating your new project, an interior that you plan to truly enjoy, we believe you will not go wrong. Especially when we know that Mopar floors are chosen by people who want their interior to tell a story. Tell your wishes to our sales consultants in the showroom in Strojarska Street, Zagreb, and we will do our best to turn your wishes into a beautiful reality.