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Despite the development of technology and the new building materials we have available today, there is actually no material that can bring as much warmth and texture to our home as wood! Natural patterns and shades of wood can enliven cool spaces, make them comfortable and attractive, and it is also a beautiful, adaptable and durable element of decoration that you can’t go wrong with. If you follow the current trends, you have certainly noticed that more and more often in the interiors there are walls covered with wood, while wooden floors have never really gone out of fashion, and what trends currently prevail in the world of wooden floors, we reveal below.


Andrea Andrassy choosing Mopar parquet

Trend no. 1: Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes have long inspired the world of interiors, so there is no doubt that such a pattern is in demand in the domain of modern wooden floors. The Shape collection hides an element of trapezoids and rhomboids, the combination of which provides inexhaustible possibilities for stacking patterns.
By combining two trapezoids, you will get a hexagon pattern, and in a combination of hexagons and a few rhomboids – you will get a unique parquet pattern, a decor with which you will truly impress others. When you add the ability to combine different colors, there is no end to the creative game. The decor that you will not go wrong with even if you implement it on the floor, as well as on the wall, has recently really found its popularity both in homes and business premises. In the Mopar showroom in Zagreb that you can arrange a completely individual approach to your story that you want to tell in your interior.

Trend no. 2: Chevron

You will find a chevron pattern in the Castle collection, which delights at first sight, inspired by history and filled with charm. Although it resembles a fishbone at first, the main difference is that the shorter side is at an angle of 45, 52 or 60 degrees and is symmetrically arranged in the shape of the letter “V”. This interesting pattern is proof that it can traditionally fit perfectly into modern interiors.

Trend no. 3: Oil coatings

Another variant of parquet protection that is used today is – oil coating. This option offers a lot of freedom in creating new ways of processing and colors. Today we have completely new generations of oiled parquets in which the oil allows the wood to breathe, and the parquet has its own resistance. Also, the time has passed for parquets to be chosen according to “class”. For some time now, it is desirable that the parquet comes with all its small irregularities and has more pronounced natural characteristics of wood, so it looks natural, not monotonous and completely uniform.
Hardwood flooring in oak
Brushing wooden floors has become most popular with the increasing use of oil as a finish. The oil itself leaves the warmth and texture of the wood to the touch, and brushing expresses that texture even more. It only takes a little courage, listening to your own intuition and faith in your creativity, and the parquet will turn out fantastic in any space.

Trend no. 4: Parquet even in the kitchen

With the modern way of life, kitchens are often associated with the living room or become truly part of that space. Wood tended to be practical in application, easier to maintain and leave the impression of an open space. It so happened that the parquet slowly pushed the ceramics out of the kitchens and hallways, and this was facilitated by the fact that today wood veneers are produced that have a stronger resistance to wear and moisture.


Whichever of the trends you choose when decorating your new project, an interior that you plan to truly enjoy, we believe you will not go wrong. Especially when we know that Mopar floors are chosen by people who want their interior to tell a story. Tell your wishes to our sales consultants in the showroom in Strojarska Street, Zagreb, and we will do our best to turn your wishes into a beautiful reality.



Last week we had the opportunity to visit a luxury apartment on Sveti Duh in Zagreb. Already when arranging the shooting, we were sensing that this is a truly special apartment from the conversation with owners who are very proud of it. The cordiality and smile of this young married couple await us upon entering, but we look forward to look at the apartment, which already leaves a strong impression on us. At the end of the entrance hall, our view reaches towards the “walk-in” closet, and the photographer Sanja Bistričić and I are already thinking about the angle of the shooting and admiring the overall impression.
The hallway is divided in this place and while one part leads to the sleeping / working part of the apartment, the other leads us to the living room connected to the dining room and surrounded by a glass wall and terrace with one of the most beautiful views of the city we had the opportunity to see. They immediately tell us enthusiastically how they were introduced to the Mopar brand through the architect and admit that they chose the parquet before the apartment itself. They knew exactly what they wanted. Already during the tour of the apartment, we notice that the owners are looking for a modern, simple design and clean lines. The parquet they chose is from the Trend collection and in a lacquered finish in the shade Intuition, gray-brown colour. They are extremely satisfied with the maintenance of this lacquered parquet, indicating its durability and wear resistance.
Pale-gray, simple and comfortable corner sofa has taken a central place in the apartment, and the striking large glass surfaces give the apartment a lot of light. Precisely because it comes from various sources, from the west and the north, creating a perfect play of light in the center of the apartment. Carefully selected pieces of design furniture, a combination of Scandinavian and Dutch style, striking and unique details and decorations, and various works of art, have ennobled this space and given it a special modern expression.


Apartment Sv. Duh Zagreb - hallway
At that moment, we notice the kitchen, connected to the dining room, which, with a roof window and cashmere-colored decor, leaves an impression of beauty and warmth. This is where we notice how the owners followed the trends when it comes to parquets even in the kitchen, thus creating the impression of large areas, open space and stylistic uniqueness.
The real pearl of this apartment is the bedroom with a designer bed, an art reading corner and another panoramic view that extends across the terrace.


Enjoy in photos…


Photo: Sanja Bistričić



It has been some time since Nataša Janjić, then still pregnant for the first time, was decorating her apartment. In the first part of the adaptation blog, we brought you a story about the choice of parquet and all the dilemmas and wishes of the apartment owner that needed to be satisfied. This time we bring her apartment in its entirety, from the perspective of the famous actress, the owner of this beautiful old-town apartment in the center of Zagreb.
Writing: Nataša Janjić

The living room is the central room in the apartment through which all the others branch. It is 18 square meters in size and is separated from the kitchen by a load-bearing wall with beautiful cassette stock and a door for intimacy as needed, located to the south. Although not the largest room in the apartment, connected to the kitchen in this way, it forms over 35 square meters of the main living space with 3 seating points. Enough for one fair party, right?

In it we kept an old tiled stove, the only one of the three from the remaining rooms that was connected to the chimney. I dismantled the others and kept them in the woodshed. Somehow I even had the idea that one day, in case of a change of interior, I could put a fireplace in its place. But the tiled stove fit in wonderfully with the style, and around it I decided to form a small reading nook, with a comfortable dark green armchair and a coffee table. The main element of the living room is a large gold-colored corner sofa, which, despite its large dimensions, did not visually endanger the squares, and which we warmed with green pillows and connected to the armchair of the reading corner.
When removing the old paint in this room during the renovation, we were reminded of one fantastic salmon shade of the walls that had opened up in the background, which we then decided to replicate anew. Fearing that we would not be able to hit it faithfully, and with the certainty that we definitely do not want white walls after it, we turned to the ‘safe’ variant and painted them gray. We didn’t regret it because the gray warmed the room, accentuated the white stucco, and soothed all the other color games. Gray curtains also fit into it. Three-meter-high windows provide so much light, and given the old protected construction and the requirements of the existing facade, blinds were out of the question.

Libraries are my true fetish in apartments and although I have always dreamed of walls full of books, we opted for breathable glass shelves in metal construction, not at all expensive, but high to the ceiling and very functional. All the memories, books, gramophone and records took place there.

I brought in a large tree and a small double metal-gold coffee table, complete for enjoying movie nights.

We renovated and refreshed all the doors in the apartment with paint, and we did the same with the beautiful cassette stocks that everyone is in love with when they enter the apartment. We even kept the antique brass door handles we found upon moving in, polishing them to their former beauty.

We have come to the most important part of my apartment, the one I call my empire. Although I do not present myself as a great housewife, what brings me closer to that title is a beautiful and well-organized kitchen. You know for yourself that in small and dilapidated kitchens you don’t have much inspiration or will to cook. Well, I decided to prevent that. It’s no secret that the best parties, as well as all house gatherings, always end up in that part of the apartment, and I had that in mind when furnishing.
The 17-square-foot room to the north with access to a 4.5-square-foot balcony, overlooking a quiet courtyard and garden, was a dilapidated but functional warm kitchen with a dining area and I decided to keep it that way.

I mentioned to you that an important factor in my purchase was that I didn’t have to move it. I knocked down only a small pantry, which I decided to turn into a third kitchen row, and use a pull-out element to replace that pantry. I also envisioned a place for an oven and a refrigerator there. In the middle is a dry island, intended as a work surface, but also as a bar with two bar stools for gathering or morning coffee.

At the very beginning, I was in favor of new trends: all pastel, lavender and mint colors. I admired all those open kitchens without the top elements from Pinterest, and then I tried to think longer term and regularly went back to basic colors and non-colors and a classic proven design.

I decided to bring a plant into every space, thus gaining warmth and life. Impressive lighting, as well as paintings on the wall, which, they say, are the last to be placed, so it won’t be any different here.


Finally, I take you to the bedroom, to the room where I tried to fulfill all those desires that had accumulated and shaped in my 18 years of living in rented apartments. In it, I sublimated all those unfulfilled needs of us who are prone to collecting and accumulating things, which in my case was conditioned by the fast (and public!) rhythm of life…

I therefore intended for bedroom the largest room in the apartment, 30m2 in size, and although many tried to persuade me to place a representative living room, and some even a dining room and living room, I did not give up the picture that in an intimate room such as a bedroom, I have everything that is intended for personal use and routine, and it turned out that it will serve comfortably for the baby while she is still quite small to sleep with her parents.

Undoubtedly, the Mopar parquet fit perfectly in this interior. The charming French style pattern leaves no one indifferent, and more about the Castle collection, you can find out at link.
Photo: Sanja Bistričić



Looking for new inspiration for egg coloring, we turned to ideas that we could adapt to new conditions this year. We reached out for materials we could find in the home or in nature.


Remembering that we had been welcoming Easter at a hectic pace in recent years, the new situation also brought us some beautiful moments – the opportunity to devote to ourselves and to  our loved ones to finally dedicate to the Easter home decor and try out some of the colouring techniques we had always wanted. Year after year, we were taking different colors, dipping the cooked egg, creating a long rainbow of decorated Easter eggs. What if you try something bold this year?


Until Easter, try to organize kids’ evenings that will turn you into a creative fun of learning some of the new Easter crafts, and we’ll share with you some techniques.


As we were unable to obtain exclusively white eggs under these conditions, we resorted to a simple method that has the effect of whitening the eggs.

We cooked plain eggs in a mixture of alcohol vinegar and water in a 1: 1 ratio. When cooking, it is important to pay attention to 2 things: time and foam. The cooking time should not be longer than 10 minutes, as this method will condition the eggshell. The foam that appears during cooking must be removed with a spoon so that it does not boil. When the cooking is done, dip the eggs in cold water and rinse them lightly with a sponge. Be careful and gentle so that eggs with a flat shell do not burst.


For the purposes of this shoot, we have decided to whiten one half of the eggs and naturally color the other ones with purple onions. We assume you know the method of cooking eggs in onions along with the husks that give the eggs a nice, warm brown color, but we will whisper to you what other fruits and vegetables you can use to get a variety of colors:


1. ORANGE COLOR – Cook the carrots together with the eggs, and you can also add chilly powder or ground red pepper to the cooking water.

2. YELLOW COLOR – Boil eggs in water with lemon or orange peel, and you can add ground cumin or turmeric to the cooking water or you can boil the eggs in chamomile tea.

3. PINK COLOR – Use beetroot or cranberry juice to cook eggs.

4. BLUE COLOR – Purple cabbage leaves or black grape juice will turn blue when cooked with eggs.


Now that we have prepared the background color of the eggs, let’s start with a few techniques for coloring and outlining Easter eggs. For material, reach out to your child’s creative box and take water or acrylic paints, felt-tip pens, paintbrushes, and everything that will make your Easter eggs unique this year.


We decided to decorate the whitened eggs with gold color, but if you do not have it at home, reach for any gentle color – brown, ocher and study the motives that can inspire you. You can find many motifs on Pinterest, and we have opted for abstract sketches of natural motifs – flowers, leaves and other decorative shapes.

Provide yourself a place to decorate, use empty egg boxes to color and dry the eggs. For such detailed motifs, the best drawing technique is in hand. We found the thinnest brush we had and decided to draw motifs with it.

The impression that such decorated Easter eggs leave is truly effective. That less is always more, we were able to prove with this technique and for the final decoration we found pampas during one walk in the woods, and filled the decoration with quail eggs that always look effective.


White eggs can be colored segmented with water colors or markers in delicate pastel colors. Exactly such irregularly whitened eggs and segmentally colored eggs have a special charm. We used thicker pens in delicate pink, beige and pink-brown shades.
We used a thin felt tip pen when it came time to draw out details, motifs of human faces and sketches of various plants. All that matters is that the surface is dry when painting and the hand is still.

If you found pastels among the creative material, you can also use this method:

Put the boiled eggs on a pad or use an egg carton and reach for wax pastels. Start drawing on them while the eggs are still hot as pastels will melt and allow you to make easier moves. This technique finds inspiration in the ancient custom of coloring eggs with wax.


Sometimes the most natural is the most beautiful. Although we reached to the technique of our old grandmothers in which eggs are dyed by cooking in a bulb, you can also use their natural brown color. We have reached for white acrylic paint, and if you use natural eggshell color – paint them with a black felt pen because it will be more contrast. We have created various geometric shapes. This technique allows you to repeat a pattern, create a sense of symmetry and balance, and you do not have to be particularly talented at drawing. Just use some of our examples and draw a pattern as often as you like. Pluses, parallel little dashes, zig-zag effect, triangles and even our parquet patterns can serve as an inspiration.
Ultimately, do your best to decorate your table and make this a truly special day. For decoration, use natural materials, plants that you can find in nature – various branches, flowers, olive branches that you can put in a vase and hang Easter eggs on them. With the little things, make the decor effective, and this day festive.


Happy Easter to everyone!


p.s. we did the photoshooting on Mopar parquet from Castle collection – find out more…




In one of Zagreb’s more elite neighborhoods, we visited a family house in Zagreb, which, with its 500 square meters, spans through 4 floors and a garden with an outdoor swimming pool. Contemporary construction has undoubtedly become the ruler of the street and upon arrival, we knew we are going to see something special here.
We meet the owners of this beautiful villa and enter the hallway that leads us downstairs to the dining room and spacious high-ceilinged living room. This part, which is also the main part of the house, caught our attention the most, because in this space is placed our parquet from the Castle Collection. The French style undoubtedly warmed up the place of gathering and family socialising and contributed to the splendour of the living room, but also to the stucco on the light grey walls that, besides the large glass walls, surround these rooms. This fully open space on the ground floor defies prejudice and shows how much open space you get by placing the parquet flooring also in the kitchen.
We talk to the owners about their enthusiasm for our flooring and they tell us how they insisted on the high walls, which are 3.5 meters high in the final project. They admit that the main reason for this is the desire to put up stucco, which, in order to look luxurious, must have the height. This luxury is perfectly complemented by the natural oak chevron floor, which, as the owners say, simply does not go without each other. With such a high ceiling and stucco, the only floor that fits in is the chevron with which the unity of the envelope of space is achieved, but also the desired luxury.
The choice of colors throughout the interior is timeless, a scale that adheres to all shades of gray, which is accentuated with a kitchen island in black and bar stools in the popular cognac color. All these colors are perfectly connected by the color of the floor – the natural oak that made this color palette warmer.

Enjoy in pictures…

Photo: Sanja Bistričić