Looking for new inspiration for egg coloring, we turned to ideas that we could adapt to new conditions this year. We reached out for materials we could find in the home or in nature.


Remembering that we had been welcoming Easter at a hectic pace in recent years, the new situation also brought us some beautiful moments – the opportunity to devote to ourselves and to  our loved ones to finally dedicate to the Easter home decor and try out some of the colouring techniques we had always wanted. Year after year, we were taking different colors, dipping the cooked egg, creating a long rainbow of decorated Easter eggs. What if you try something bold this year?


Until Easter, try to organize kids’ evenings that will turn you into a creative fun of learning some of the new Easter crafts, and we’ll share with you some techniques.


As we were unable to obtain exclusively white eggs under these conditions, we resorted to a simple method that has the effect of whitening the eggs.

We cooked plain eggs in a mixture of alcohol vinegar and water in a 1: 1 ratio. When cooking, it is important to pay attention to 2 things: time and foam. The cooking time should not be longer than 10 minutes, as this method will condition the eggshell. The foam that appears during cooking must be removed with a spoon so that it does not boil. When the cooking is done, dip the eggs in cold water and rinse them lightly with a sponge. Be careful and gentle so that eggs with a flat shell do not burst.


For the purposes of this shoot, we have decided to whiten one half of the eggs and naturally color the other ones with purple onions. We assume you know the method of cooking eggs in onions along with the husks that give the eggs a nice, warm brown color, but we will whisper to you what other fruits and vegetables you can use to get a variety of colors:


1. ORANGE COLOR – Cook the carrots together with the eggs, and you can also add chilly powder or ground red pepper to the cooking water.

2. YELLOW COLOR – Boil eggs in water with lemon or orange peel, and you can add ground cumin or turmeric to the cooking water or you can boil the eggs in chamomile tea.

3. PINK COLOR – Use beetroot or cranberry juice to cook eggs.

4. BLUE COLOR – Purple cabbage leaves or black grape juice will turn blue when cooked with eggs.


Now that we have prepared the background color of the eggs, let’s start with a few techniques for coloring and outlining Easter eggs. For material, reach out to your child’s creative box and take water or acrylic paints, felt-tip pens, paintbrushes, and everything that will make your Easter eggs unique this year.


We decided to decorate the whitened eggs with gold color, but if you do not have it at home, reach for any gentle color – brown, ocher and study the motives that can inspire you. You can find many motifs on Pinterest, and we have opted for abstract sketches of natural motifs – flowers, leaves and other decorative shapes.

Provide yourself a place to decorate, use empty egg boxes to color and dry the eggs. For such detailed motifs, the best drawing technique is in hand. We found the thinnest brush we had and decided to draw motifs with it.

The impression that such decorated Easter eggs leave is truly effective. That less is always more, we were able to prove with this technique and for the final decoration we found pampas during one walk in the woods, and filled the decoration with quail eggs that always look effective.


White eggs can be colored segmented with water colors or markers in delicate pastel colors. Exactly such irregularly whitened eggs and segmentally colored eggs have a special charm. We used thicker pens in delicate pink, beige and pink-brown shades.
We used a thin felt tip pen when it came time to draw out details, motifs of human faces and sketches of various plants. All that matters is that the surface is dry when painting and the hand is still.

If you found pastels among the creative material, you can also use this method:

Put the boiled eggs on a pad or use an egg carton and reach for wax pastels. Start drawing on them while the eggs are still hot as pastels will melt and allow you to make easier moves. This technique finds inspiration in the ancient custom of coloring eggs with wax.


Sometimes the most natural is the most beautiful. Although we reached to the technique of our old grandmothers in which eggs are dyed by cooking in a bulb, you can also use their natural brown color. We have reached for white acrylic paint, and if you use natural eggshell color – paint them with a black felt pen because it will be more contrast. We have created various geometric shapes. This technique allows you to repeat a pattern, create a sense of symmetry and balance, and you do not have to be particularly talented at drawing. Just use some of our examples and draw a pattern as often as you like. Pluses, parallel little dashes, zig-zag effect, triangles and even our parquet patterns can serve as an inspiration.
Ultimately, do your best to decorate your table and make this a truly special day. For decoration, use natural materials, plants that you can find in nature – various branches, flowers, olive branches that you can put in a vase and hang Easter eggs on them. With the little things, make the decor effective, and this day festive.


Happy Easter to everyone!


p.s. we did the photoshooting on Mopar parquet from Castle collection – find out more…




In one of Zagreb’s more elite neighborhoods, we visited a family house in Zagreb, which, with its 500 square meters, spans through 4 floors and a garden with an outdoor swimming pool. Contemporary construction has undoubtedly become the ruler of the street and upon arrival, we knew we are going to see something special here.
We meet the owners of this beautiful villa and enter the hallway that leads us downstairs to the dining room and spacious high-ceilinged living room. This part, which is also the main part of the house, caught our attention the most, because in this space is placed our parquet from the Castle Collection. The French style undoubtedly warmed up the place of gathering and family socialising and contributed to the splendour of the living room, but also to the stucco on the light grey walls that, besides the large glass walls, surround these rooms. This fully open space on the ground floor defies prejudice and shows how much open space you get by placing the parquet flooring also in the kitchen.
We talk to the owners about their enthusiasm for our flooring and they tell us how they insisted on the high walls, which are 3.5 meters high in the final project. They admit that the main reason for this is the desire to put up stucco, which, in order to look luxurious, must have the height. This luxury is perfectly complemented by the natural oak chevron floor, which, as the owners say, simply does not go without each other. With such a high ceiling and stucco, the only floor that fits in is the chevron with which the unity of the envelope of space is achieved, but also the desired luxury.
The choice of colors throughout the interior is timeless, a scale that adheres to all shades of gray, which is accentuated with a kitchen island in black and bar stools in the popular cognac color. All these colors are perfectly connected by the color of the floor – the natural oak that made this color palette warmer.

Enjoy in pictures…

Photo: Sanja Bistričić



Make a layout and project, choose a repairmen, arrange a price, choose parquets, tiles, sanitaries… and order it all on time. It’s a lot of work – Nataša Janjić Medančić knows from experience.



Nataša Janjić Medančić writes to us about all her choices, dilemmas and steps about renovating her apartment. In this section, she writes about the very beginnings of work in 2018.

One of the biggest reasons I went into such a large apartment is that, unlike many I have looked at before, I did not have to make any changes to the layout. All the installations, the toilet, the kitchen, I decided to keep in the same place. The decision was just a renovation, and what comforted me was that, even when you go into a newer apartment, you still want to remodel the bathroom and the kitchen with new tiles and sanitaries.

The first conceptual design was drawn by my parents, and it was up to me to decide on colors and style, though I went to all the stores with my mom, did a series of quirks about wishes and options, while hiring my dad, pretty free, for supervision. At that time I was doing several projects in parallel and without their help, I would not be able to bend the works and not make many expert initial decisions.

Since it is about a charming civic apartment, the fact that apart from the kitchen and the bathroom, leaving everything else as it is with just a little refreshing, did not seem repulsive to me, but rather something that I even owe to this apartment.
Parquet. A hundred year old beautiful, herringbone. Hard dilemma to take them off or not. It meant getting into potential unpredictability such as rotting joits or similar, but some of the damage and the squeaking of it encouraged me that if I didn’t do it now, I never would.
I opted for brushed oak, but at the last, thanks to the urging of my friend and architect Duje Kaliterna, I boldly cut that I want a French embroidery. Very modern and increasingly present, it evokes cleanliness and luxury, and fits very well with spaces with high ceilings, where at the same time I decided to play unobtrusively with stucco and rosettes.

I visited many shops, but in Mopar I came across the most beautiful choice and exactly the kind of flooring I imagined.



When buying or renovating an apartment, it is crucial to choose a good floor… Our guest is a well-known blogger and stylist Lili Halo Decoration who told us in her column what a beautiful wooden floor means for her…



Today, I present you the beautiful, modern flooring of Mopar.

Most people starts with buying ceramic tiles, but this was not the case with us. We started with the parquet floor. The apartment has ceramic tiles only in the shower, ultratop so-called cement floor in the kitchen and hallway, and throughout the rest of the apartment beautiful parquet.



Interior decoration starts from the floor. It must satisfy the criterion of functionality, but also the criterion of aesthetics. It is important for us to be beautiful, yet durable and easy to maintain. They make an important visual impression when entering a room. That’s why we take so much time to choose, and that’s why you’re all so crazy about this process.


I remember that weekend when we left Tom at Grandma’s, bought sandwiches and went to see the parquet floors. I walked into the store, barely watched from tiredness (a toddler, selling an apartment, decorating a new one), still wiping sandwich crumbs and looking for a chair to sit so I could flip through the catalogs… I missed the chair and ended up on the floor. Welcome! ☺



Parquet floors can beautify the interior, but if we choose the wrong one, we will be sorry for the next many years. That is why it is very important that we had help and a very friendly team in the shop to help us. Even if you need some help getting up off the floor …

Parquet is a favorite in apartments today

If you take a good look at the apartments I posted on the blog, you will see that they have really nice flooring. There are more and more apartments that have parquet in the kitchen as well. Do you remember Bokamorra project ? Check out the Mopar parquet floor at this wonderful pizza restaurant.


By choosing the same flooring throughout the apartment, the space is visually increased and the parquet floors provide warmth and naturalness. Today there is a large selection of different flooring on the market. It is important to choose the right quality and firmness, but the quality of the varnish is also important. Parquet floors have a long life and are easy to maintain.
Although they say darker parquets are for larger spaces, I would disagree with that because I was in a lot of small apartments that looked fantastic with darker parquets. So just be brave, listen to your intuition and believe in your creativity. Put the flooring color you really like. Most often, this is the first thing that you start with.

Once you have decided on the color of the parquet floor, you will also need to choose a class. There are several classes, the first one with a uniform structure and color of wood, while the other classes have more pronounced natural characteristics of wood. We have chosen a second class, although the architects advise combining the classes so that the uniformity does not give the impression of laminate. But I don’t mind, I actually like both. If I could, I would change my flooring every year. So I played around with these patterns for a little while. What’s really cool is that you can use them as photo pads, or make a table from them!

If you are interested in more about flooring, head to the Strojarska cesta in Zagreb at the Mopar showroom. There will be a very friendly atmosphere. They are full of understanding and helpful tips. That’s where I got my photo samples and saw a beautiful dining/ work desk made of flooring.

I was also asked a lot about our dining table. Unfortunately the store where we bought it is closed, but here’s a good idea, make your own! I especially liked the Chevron French embroidery I took in Tom’s room. I fantasized a little about how nice it would be to cover the whole floor with this way of stacking.
Mopar produces varnished and oiled parquets in various sizes and collections. They use solvent-free varnishes and natural oils. This is very important and I believe that you will be worried about what are you putting on the floor, especially when you are entering the apartment with a child. What I definitely plan to get are products for parquet cleaning and maintenance that they have recently in their offer. I think the husband will be delighted with the new venture because it will not be possible for a pregnant woman to polish the floor…

When you come to the Mopar salon in showroom in Zagreb, you will first notice that they have many types of flooring. Parquet floors are grouped into several collections: Basic, Herringbone, Castle, Shape, Hexagon, Multikant, Elegant, Line, Quadrotte, Maxi 15 and Maxi 16. The boards come in three thicknesses (10, 12 and 14mm), seven widths (90, 120, 140, 160, 180, Maxi 220 and Maxi 350mm), and two lengths (600 and 2500mm).

So I am sure you will find it very difficult to decide on your favorite pattern as your shortlist will be in at least five beautiful shades 🙂

I was really impressed about Mopar’s rich catalog. Rarely I have been able to come across with such a well-designed catalog with all the essential information, including information on how to stack the flooring. Take a peek and see for yourself.

Visit the Mopar showroom at Strojarska 12a find more information on our  Facebook page and Instagram profile

Enjoy in pictures…



Changing floors is one of the biggest and most expensive investments in an apartment. Our guest is a writer, columnist and influencer Andrea Andrassy, and in her Adaptation log she is going to tell us what she did with her flooring…


My first meetingr with Boba Blaskovic, editor of Dblog, was when I was reading her blog about parquets, and the first word that came out of her mouth when I mentioned the flooring was “Mopar.”

The way Boba talks about Mopar parquet is very similar to the way I talk about food – the same glow in the eyes, the same love.


“You’ll see when you come, they have EVERYTHING” – she was telling me, warning me that I will have a hard time about deciding, because there are so many choices.

And there really is – whatever you can imagine, they have it in Mopar and if you don’t know what you want, you’ll find out there.


We came in for the first sightseeing and spent about half an hour inside – which was about 29 minutes too much because I immediately saw the flooring I wanted at the moment I saw it.

I knew I wanted a wide parquet floor like a peasant floor, I knew I wanted a light shade that was neither too warm nor too cold, I knew I didn’t want it too monotonous, but to have a story, but not to take up a whole space… and I knew that the sum of all these wishes is Whisper, st the moment I saw him.


The only dilemma was whether we are going with a narrow or a wide plank, and whether it would be more or less streaked – first I took thinner, cleaner planks, but in the end I decided that the wider ones, which are more streaked, are the better choice.


When I was a kid, we had a parquet floorer who destroyed our flooring (for a very good price), so it was extremely important for me to work with someone who really knows how to do the job.


Instead of asking for recommendations from my friends and risking through searching the forums, I asked Marijana from Mopar to recommend me a man I could trust – so I got a number from Mr. Radikovic.


The man who not only set 70 square meter of parquet in ONE DAY, but with all that he smells like a softener while he is doing it.


He works so perfectly that it wouldn’t get me angry if he stinks, but this is a wonderful bonus.

At first, we had a plan that we are going to put parquet flooring on the old one – but it failed because we were putting pipes under the flooring.

The plan B was to remove the parquet flooring from all the rooms, but that we would not remove the built-in closets because it is logistically complicated and unnecessary because the cabinets will always be on the same spot.


“But what if I still want to remove my closet some day?” – it is the beginning of the September and I can be in the apartment across until the middle of the September, and I just told Mr. Radikovic that we are still moving the closets.


This means that the closets are moving across the apartmant and return in the very short term.




We are honored to be exhibiting for the first time at the Japan Home & Building Show in Tokyo, November 13-15, 2019